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How do I receive my stencils?

All carving patterns are automatic downloads from the site. Just click on the large orange download link of your file name. (See sample below)

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that you purchase from a desktop or laptop computer. When purchasing from a phone or tablet, some customers have had difficulty downloading the files.

Download Sample

Should you have difficulty, please do not create a second order. Instead, email us at

Each purchase includes two files, compressed into a zipped folder…

Buddies_stencil_site sample               Buddies scaled for print

The first file includes a black & white version of the stencil, a sample of the stencil on a pumpkin (illustrated) and some instructions on transferring the stencil using the poke method. *Please see the Instructions page on our site for other transfer methods.

The second page is the image scaled to fit on an 8.5″ x 11″ page. It is filled with a gray tone to make carving easier.


  • – Please email us at: to discuss your project.
  • – A delivery date and price will be agreed upon prior to starting.
  • – Your pumpkin will ship via the US Postal service, with appropriate fees applied.
  • – Due to the personalized nature of both custom designed stencils and custom carved pumpkins, refunds are not available. However, the folks at The Custom Punkin Stencil Company pride ourselves in providing quality products that will exceed expectation!

Acceptable Use

  • – Stencils can be used to carve pumpkins, as well as personal, non-commercial arts & crafts projects.
  • – Stencils may be shared with other members of your household. You can also share them with guests at Halloween or Pumpkin Carving Parties.
  • – Teachers and care-givers can use our stencils to assist with classroom activities.
  • – If you are interested in a custom stencil to be used for multiple carvers for business purposes, please email us to discuss pricing options:

Prohibited Use

  • – You may not resell or redistribute our stencils without permission.
  • – You may not alter our stencils for the purpose of resale or redistribution.
  • – You may not profit from the sale of any products which utilize our stencils.
  • – All stencil artwork / instruction sheets are the sole property of The Custom Punkin Stencil Company.