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How to order a Custom Carving Pattern...

We create custom patterns of anything you can think of: Pets, Family Members, Famous People, Sports or Business Logos…you name it!

If you would like to order a custom pattern, please just send us an email to start a conversation about your project. (Email address is on the bottom of the page.)

In the email, please include a photo or image of what you want. Also include your required timing. We will look at the image and determine if it’s something we can work with. Once confirmed, we will advise by email how to place your order.

During the creation process, you’ll get updates on timing and a preview image to approve. Once approved, your digital pattern will be sent to you by email.

And don’t forget…we’d love to include an image of your final carve on our gallery page. Just send a photo when complete!

How to order a Carved 'Forever' Foam Pumpkin...

If you would like The Custom Punkin to carve a ‘forever’ foam pumpkin, please just send us an email to start a conversation about your project. (Email address is on the bottom of the page.)

If you want to choose from one of our existing patterns, please let us know which one. If you’d prefer a custom pattern, please send us a photo or image along with your required timing.

We will communicate through email about your project and advise how to place your order once all the details have been worked out.

Your final carved foam pumpkin will be shipped with a battery operated tea light candle. (Never use a real candle in a foam pumpkin!)

Please note – there are no refunds once the project has been completed, but we take great pride in our work and always ensure you are happy with the final product!

Meet Lucy...

Our Master Carver

I’ve always loved carving pumpkins, but I got frustrated when I couldn’t find just the right carving pattern…so I created my own.

Soon family and friends were requesting custom patterns from me…and that’s how my shop was born!

But I remained frustrated that my intricately carved pumpkins would rot away in a matter of weeks. A friend told me about foam pumpkins – once I tried carving on them, I never went back to real pumpkins.

Now my designs last for more than just a single season and my personal Halloween collection continues to grow year after year!